Crazy Fun Game Nights with UNO Card Game | fun kids toy house

UNO Card Game Crazy Fun Game Nights

Before the age of technology came, families would set a game night for the family as a sort of bonding at the same time unwinding time for parents especially those who are working. The games include scrabble, checkers, UNO card game, Gofish, and more.

As time passed these interactive games evolved into finger tapped games trapped in a tablet-like or pad-like device as we all see them now. I don’t have anything against these technological advancements and gadgets but I know you would agree with me when I say that these have taken away a big part of family time away from individuals.Crazy Fun Game Nights with UNO Card Game | fun kids toy house

A family picture showing each parent on his or her phone checking emails or social media, the teen listening in on his pod, the little sis playing her game on her tab and even a toddler entertaining himself on a pad with a wide array of apps developed to babysit our young ones — imagine this, they are all sitting around the couch but everyone busy in his or her own world! Guilty?!

Time to turn off those gadgets because it’s UNO card game time!

Crazy Fun Game Nights with UNO Card Game | fun kids toy houseThis classic game never fails to unplug my kids from their online games. This simple card game has filled our home with lots of laughter every time we play it and my kids beg for a longer playtime every time my wife calls out last game.

UNO card game can be played by two to ten players – the more the merrier! All it takes to win is a little coordination in matching between colors and numbers. The first player to get rid of all his or her cards win the game. Simple right? Here’s what makes UNO card game exciting and challenging, the deck includes 32 special action cards – Skips, Reverse, Draw two, Wild, and Draw Four Wild!

Once everyone gets familiar with the basic rules, players are actually free to add twists to the games to make it more exciting.

UNO Card Game Includes

  • 19 Blue Cards (0-9)
  • 19 Green Cards (0-9)
  • 19 Red Cards (0-9)
  • 19 Yellow Cards (0-9)
  • 8 Skip Cards (2 each for Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)
  • 8 Reverse Cards (2 each for Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)
  • 8 Draw Two or +2 Cards (2 each for Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)
  • 4 Wild Cards
  • 4 Wild Draw Four or +4 Cards

What We Love About UNO Card Game

  • Very easy to teach
  • Very easy to play
  • Play anywhere
  • Hours of entertainment for all
  • Encourages family time

Crazy Fun Game Nights with UNO Card Game | fun kids toy house



AGES: 7+

RATING:  thumbs up fun kids toy housethumbs up fun kids toy housethumbs up fun kids toy housethumbs up fun kids toy housethumbs up fun kids toy house

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6 thoughts on “UNO Card Game Crazy Fun Game Nights

  1. This was an enjoyable post Dahr

    I have a family with three children and trying to pry them away from their electronic devices can be quite a challenge at times.

    When we recently went away on holidays, electronic gadgets were rendered useless and the family entertainment ended up being UNO. It not only was plenty of fun, but it brought us closer together.

    Great article

    1. Thanks Andrew! What you said is true! Playing games together as a family did bring my family closer too. The laughter and the interaction is just irreplaceable. Memories to treasure 🙂

  2. This certainly brings me back two decades in time. I thought it must have evolved to something else but seriously I’m surprised that it is still like it is 2 decades back(except the design of the cards has changed slightly). UNO is really fun as I recalled in the years where there are no smartphones or tablets.

    1. Thanks for the comment Kenny! They did add some custom wild cards where you can write anything you want but they kept the integrity of the game itself which is great. I don’t see any reason to change something which is already enjoyable and brilliant 🙂

  3. Uno is brilliant, I used to play it all the time when I was a kid, I’ve got to get this for my boys.
    I’m quite lucky, my boys are 7 and 9 and although they are happy to be glued to their tablets/x box for hours on end they do prefer to play family games, they both like chess a lot to which is good but surprises me as compared to computer games it’s slow and requires a lot of concentration sadly they’ve lost a few pieces now though, will you be reviewing any chess games in the future as I think it’s time for a replacement?
    Uno is the next one on the birthday list though, thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks Dan! Glad you loved this post 🙂 My daughter used to play a lot of iPad and even begs me and my wife for extended playing but when we taught her UNO, she barely touches the iPad. Now she begs to have family game every night. It brought the family closer as we get to interact and laugh a lot together. She received a Tab E as a gift for Christmas but she just use it at most 35 minutes a day.. sometimes nil 🙂
      Chess is my favourite game. I will surely do a review on one in the future. I just couldn’t find a set worth recommending as of the moment 🙁 Thanks again!

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